Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How can I install StaffFacilities with BungeeCord?

To add compability with StaffFacilities and BungeeCord you have to follow this instructions:

a. Download StaffFacilities jar and put it in all your servers plugins folder.

b. Put the same jar in your network plugins folder.

c. Load your servers and your network.

d. StaffFacilities will create a config.yml file in all your servers and your network. In each server you want SF to be compatible with BungeeCord, go to the config.yml, to the Enable section and set BungeeCord to true.

e. Type /sf reload and now Staff Facilities is compatible with BungeeCord.

Note: Please take into account that you can enable/disable which features are Bungee compatible and also you can edit the features that only work with BungeeCord in the bungeeconfig.yml file (in the network's plugins folder).


2. How can I disable a command, remove an alias or add a new alias?

Everything can be easily done through the plugin.yml file! StaffFacilities takes advantage of the alias system Bukkit has. So all real commands start with /sf_* ; For example, if you want to vanish, the real command is /sf_vanish but you can also do /vanish or /v, both of them are aliases.

What does this mean? That you can remove an entire command, remove an alias or add as many new aliases to any command easily. How?

a. Stop your server.

b. Go to the StaffFacilities jar, and open it with WinRAR. There, open the plugins.yml file.

c. There you will see all the commands. The only thing you need to touch is where it says alias (if you touch anything else you may cause problems). Between the words in brackets, remove them all, add new ones, or remove the ones you dont want.

d. Save the file, close it. In your WinRar Archiver, you will get a notification that a file has been modified, Accept it. Then open your server and it is done!


3. When I join my server with auto toggle of watchover instead of joining with Creative mode it sets me to Survival. Is it a bug?

Do you have MultiverseCore installed? That is probably the reason. If you dont have permission " mv.bypass.gamemode.* ", then everytime you join a server or change world your gamemode will be set to the gamemode rule.


4. My join/quit messages are duplicating. How can I fix this?

This is probably because you have another plugin trying to handle join/quit messages. Try to disable that in their config.yml file or you can disable SF from managing join/quit.

If you have Essentials you can easily disable them by doing this:

allow-silent-join-quit: false
custom-join-message: "none"
custom-quit-message: "none"


5. What are Permission Levels? How do they work?

There are two kind of permissions: sf.vanish.level.NUMBER and sf.vanish.see.level.NUMBER (same goes with staffvanish, replacing vanish word with staffvanish)

sf.vanish.level.NUMBER means the level a player needs to have to be able to see the player vanishing. For default it is level 1 and is given by sf.vanish

sf.vanish.see.level.NUMBER means the level the online player has to be able to see a vanished player. For default regular players have 0 in level and sf.vanish.see permission sets you to level 1

sf.* permission sets you to max level.

The max levels can be configured in the config.yml file. High numbers are not recommended. This feature for default is disabled.